Posters 2018

First NameLast NameTitle
AlexandreAloulchinePolychromatic mirrorless lasing from two-photon excited Na vapours
ChristophAmtmannA coupled dark state magnetometer developed for space missions
ChristinaAndreevaHigh-quality electromagnetically induced absorption resonances in a buffer-gas-filled vapour cell
GuzhiBaoAll-optical spin locking in alkali-vapor magnetometers
GiuseppeBevilacquaOptical pumping of atomic orientation driven by broadly-frequency-modulated radiation
ValerioBianclalanaAn unshielded atomic magnetometer
GianniBuserSimple atomic quantum memory suitable for semiconductor quantum dot single photons
Claudio EligioCalossoGeneralized electronics for vapor-cell atomic clocks
WitoldChalupczakNon-linear spin dynamics in atomic magnetometers
YordankaDanchevaNMR low-field spectroscopy using atomic vapour as a sensor
KarstenDideriksenLong-lived non-classical correlations for scalable quantum repeaters at room temperature
OliverFartmannCompact optical frequency standards based on vapor cells and atomic beams
RanFinkelsteinBroadband quantum memory for photon synchronization at room temperature
SankaGatevaExcitation transfer from Second to First resonance line of Potassium observed in hot atomic vapor
EstebanGomez LopezStoring light by variable delay based on electro- magnetically induced transparency in cesium gas at room temperature
MicheleGozzelinoPulsed optically pumped Rb clock: recent results and future perspectives
JaquesHaeslerMEMS atomic vapor cells at CSEM and their applications
WilliamHamlynAtom-light interaction in thermal Rubidium vapours confined to a volume less than \lambda3
IfanHughesQuantum optics in the hyperfine Paschen-Back regime
DominicHunterChip-scale atomic magnetometer based on free-induction-decay for ultra-low magnetic field detection
MinJiangQuantum Control in Zero-Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Hot Vapor Magnetometer
RicardoJimeniz-MartinezPrecise signal-tracking with atomic sensors
DimitraKantaSpin locking in unshielded, self-oscillating, atomic magnetic gradiometer
JamesKeaveneyImproved performance of ultra-narrow atomic bandpass filters via magneto-optic rotation in an unconstrained geometry
JiaKongTowards a high density squeezed-light magnetometer
MarekKopciuchMx magnetometer as a veto sensor for the GNOME experiment
AleksandarKrmpotNon-degenerate four wave mixing based slow light in hot potassium vapor
TimKrohInterfacing elements in a quantum network based on an atomic frequency standard
HaraldKüblerMicrowave electric field sensing with Rydberg atoms
ChanchiKwongHigh index and high frequency modulation spectroscopy
OhrLahadRecovering the lost optical depth of hot vapor
AthanasiosLaliotisSelective reflection spectroscopy of atoms and molecules: Probing microscopic layers of vapour in macroscopic vapour cells
Oscar GerardoLazo ArjonaBroadband quantum memories in hot alkali gases
UrielLevyRecent advancements in nanoscale light-vapor interactions on a
RobertoMottolaA low-noise atomic quantum memory in the Paschen-Back regime
KonstantinosMouloudakisSpin noise in hot atomic vapors
GregorOelsnerSources of heading error of atomic magnetometers operated in Earth magnetic field
MichaelPetersenReducing the effect of light shift on a pulsed CPT-based clock
PlamenPetrovMulti-spatial-mode squeezed light for direct quantum imaging
PiotrPutTowards NMR with atomic magnetometers
NafiaRahamanControl of nonlinear processes in two-photon excited Rb vapours by resonant light
StephanRitterPhase lock between diode lasers
NevenSanticNonequilibrium precondensation of classical waves in two dimensions propagating through atomic vapors
ArmenSargsyanHyperfine Paschen-Back regime of Potassium D2 line studied by selective reflection from a nanocell
JohannesSchmidtAn optogalvanic flux sensor for trace gases
VolkmarSchultzeOptically pumped magnetometers using the potentials of micro-system technologies
AdamSelyemHolographically controlled 3D atomic population structures
MarinaSendraHyperpolarized 129Xe for dark matter detection
EliranTalkerPlasmonic enhanced EIT and velocity selective optical pumping measurements with atomic vapor
StoyanTsvetkovDensity influence on the atomic spin randomization
AntonioVigilanteMachine-Learning robust control of magnetic disturbances
HüseyinVuralTwo-photon interference in an atom-quantum dot hybrid system
AdamWojciechowskiHyperfine pumping in kilogauss magnetic fields and the saturated absorption spectroscopy of rubidium vapors in the anti-relaxation coated cell
OrKatzHelical-pumping and hyper-SERF