Suggestion 2021

Alexander AkoulchineLaser-like spiking emission from continuous-wave excited alkali vaporsPDF-fileMainz4WM, CorrelationsPoster 1
Alexandra ArtusioglimpseRoom temperature Cs-based RF field camera: concept and designPDF-fileNIST GaithersburgRF, ImagingPoster 1
Alice SinatraNuclear spin-squeezing by continuous quantum
non demolition measurement
Amy RobinsonEffect of vapor cell glass on the error of microwave power measurementsPDF-fileNISTMW-SensingTalk
Andrew DaffurnGouy phase-matched angular and radial mode conversion
in four-wave mixing
PDF-fileGlasgow4WMPoster 2
Armen SagsyanTwo types of circular dichroism of magnetically induced atomic transitions in
alkali atoms
PDF-fileArmeniaDichroismPoster 1
Athanasios LaliotisHigh-resolution spectroscopy of sub-wavelength confined molecular gasesPDF-fileCNRSSpectroscopyTalk
Biplab DuttaSpectroscopic probing of Rydberg-surface interactions in vapour cellsPDF-fileCNRSRydberg
Brana JelenkovicTwin beams relative intensity squeezing by Four Wave Mixing in
potassium vapor
Charikleia TroullinouQuantum enhancement of sub pT/√Hz optically pumped magnetometer
with squeezed light
PDF-fileICFOMagnetometry, QuantumPoster 1
Clare HigginsInvestigation of fine-structure changing collisional transfer in 87Rb
vapour in the hyperfine Paschen-Back regime
PDF-fileDurhamSpectroscopyPoster 1
Danielle PizzeySpace weather: Can we forecast using atomic filters?PDF-fileDurhamFiltersTalk
Dominik RitterProspect of delaying light by enhanced electromagnetically induced
transparency using light cages
PDF-file Humboldt-Universität zu BerlinSlow light
Dusan ArsenovicDoppler effect in the slow pulse propagation and distortion through
FWM medium
PDF-fileBelgradeSlow light, 4WMPoster 1
Eden FigueraAn elementary 158 km long quantum network connecting room temperature quantum memoriesPDF-fileStonybrooksQuantum InfoTalk
Eilon PoemContinuous protection from inhomogeneous dephasingPDF-fileWeizmannStorage
Elizabeth RobertsonA scheme for optical reservoir computers with atomic memoryPDF-fileDLR BerlinOptical reservoir / memory?Poster 2
Florian ChristallerLight-induced atomic desorption and single-photon generation in thermalmicro-cellsPDF-file
StuttgartMicro cellsPoster 1
Fraser LoguePolarimetry of thermal Rb vapour: Magnetic field gradients and
cascaded cells
PDF-fileDurhamPolarimetryPoster 2
Gianni BuserA broadband Rb vapor cell quantum memory for single photonsPDF-fileBaselStoragePoster 2
Giuseppe BevilaquaHarmonic tuning and dressing of atomic spinsPDF-fileSienaMagnetometry
Heng ShenMeasurements with prediction and retrodiction on the collective spin of
1011 atoms beat the standard quantum limit
PDF-fileShanxi UniversitySqueezingPoster 2
James CamparoNonlinear Collision Shifts of Alkali 0-0 Hyperfine Transitions Due to
Van der Waals Molecule Formation
PDF-fileThe Aerospace CorporationClocksPoster 2
Jan KolodynskiNoisy atomic magnetometry in the linear-Gaussian regimePDF-fileWarsawMagnetometryPoster 1
Janik WoltersOptical information processing with hot atoms - From classical to
PDF-fileDLR BerlinQuantumPoster 2
Janne RuostekoskiCooperative transmission and manipulation of light in planar slabs and
arrays of atoms
PDF-fileLancaster, UKCooperative effectsPoster 1
Jinwen WangVisualization of magnetic fields with cylindrical vector beams in an atomic vaporPDF-fileGlasgowMagnetometry
Joaocarlos DeaquincarvaloVelocity preserving energy transfer mechanisms between highly-excited
atoms in vapor cells
Julia AmorosbinefaNoisy atomic magnetometry in the linear-Gaussian regimePDF-fileWarsawMagnetometry
Laurence PruvostHot rubidium atoms for optical vortex conversionPDF-fileCNRSNon-linear opticsPoster 2
Lucy DownesCharacterising THz vortex beams using atom-based THz imagingPDF-fileDurhamTHzTalk
Luisa EsguerraTowards satellite-suited noise-free quantum memoriesPDF-fileHumboldt-Universitaet zu BerlinMemory
Matteo FadelMonitoring the nuclear spin in helium-3 by Faraday interactionPDF-fileBasel3-HePoster 2
Michal LipkaHow a broadband single-photon interacts with resonant atomic gas?PDF-fileWarsawNon-linear opticsPoster 2
Michal ParniakHybrid entanglement between hot atoms and a cryogenic membrane
PDF-file Niels Bohr InstituteHybrid systemsPoster 1
Michele GozzelinoKr-N2: a low-shift buffer-gas mixture for Rb vapor-cell clocksPDF-fileINRiMCollisionsPoster 2
Morgan MitchellMeasurement-induced, spatially-extended entanglement in a hot,
strongly-interacting atomic vapor
Murad AbuzarliBlast waves in a paraxial fluid of lightPDF-fileLKB, ParisSuperfluidity
Ofer FirstenbergQuantum optics with noble-gas spinsPDF-fileWeizmann3-He, Quantum effectsinvited Talk
Omri DavidsonBright multiplexed source of indistinguishable single photons with
tunable GHz-bandwidth at room temperature
PDF-fileWeizmannQuantum efffects
Patrick LedinghamRoom temperature atomic frequency comb memory for lightPDF-fileSouthamptonFrequency CombPoster 2
Quentin GlorieuxAnalogue cosmological particle creation in a quantum fluid of lightPDF-fileCNRS, ParisCosmological particle creationPoster 2
Ran FinkelsteinSuper-extended nanofiber-guided field for coherent coupling to hot atomsPDF-fileWeizmannMicrofibersPoster 2
Rebecca SchmiegSingle-Photon Source based on Room-Temperature Atomic Vapour with
intrinsic Near-Millisecond Memory
PDF-file Niels Bohr InstituteMemoryTalk
Rodolphe BoudotExploring Ramsey-CPT spectroscopy in a microcell atomic clockPDF-fileFEMTO-ST, CNRSAtomic clocksTalk
Rodolphe BoudotLaser frequency stabilization on a Cs microfabricated cell using
dual-frequency sub-Doppler spectroscopy
PDF-fileFEMTO-ST, CNRSFrequency stabilization, MicrocellsTalk
Rui ZhangStand-off magnetometry with stimulated return from sodium vaporPDF-fileMainzMagnetometry
Shun KiyoseMicrofabricated Cs vapor cells filled with an on-chip dispensing componentPDF-fileKyoto UniversityMirocellsTalk
Shuying ChenTHz electrometry with all IR lasersPDF-fileDurhamTHz
Stephane GuerandelDouble-Modulation CPT clock based on hot cesium vapor cellPDF-fileParisClocks
Stuart InglebyA portable compact optically pumped magnetometer used for DC and
RF field measurements
Sven BodenstedtFast-field-cycling, ultralow-field nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersionPDF-fileICFOMagnetometryPoster 1
Tangui AladjidiIntensity and phase correlations in a hot atomic vapor superfluid of lightPDF-fileCNRS, ParisPhase Sensors
Thomas HirdEngineering noiseless quantum memories for temporal mode
PDF-fileImperial College Quantum Memory
Thomas WaltherHot Atoms for Temperature Measurements and Lasing without Inversion in the UVPDF-fileDarmstadtFaradayTalk
Tilman PfauDipolar interactions in hot vapor cellsPDF-fileStuttgartRydberg, nonlinear opticsinvited Talk
Tino FrembergAn optically pumped magnetometer based on a pump-probe scheme with
amplitude modulated light
Tom CuttlerNanostructured alkali-metal vapor cellsPDF-fileDurhamMirocells
Valerio BiancalanaTuning-Dressing exploitation in magnetometric measurementsPDF-fileSienaMagnetometryPoster 1
Victor LebedevOptically pumped magnetometers
for ultra-low field relaxometry of polarized nuclear spins
PDF-filePTB BerlinMagnetometryPoster 1
Vitogiovanni LuciveroFemtotesla direct magnetic gradiometer using a single multipass cellPDF-filePrincetonMagnetometryPoster 1
Wenhui LiDirectional THz generation in hot Rb vapor excited to a Rydberg statePDF-fileNUS/CQTRydbergTalk
Yakov SolomonsTransverse drag of slow light in a moving atomic vaporPDF-fileWeizmannLight drag
Yongqi ShiMicrowave field imaging at 15 GHz based on frequency-domain Rabi
spectroscopy in an ultrathin atomic vapor cell
Zachary WarrenMeasuring Multipole Moments of the CPT Density Matrix Under Optical Field
Polarization-Modulation Conditions
PDF-fileThe Aerospace CorporationClocks