Poster 2021

Poster 2021, Monday Session:

Alexandra Artusio GlimpseRoom temperature Cs-based RF field camera: concept and designPDF-file
Armen SargsyanTwo types of circular dichroism of magnetically induced atomic transitions in alkali atomsPDF-file
Charikleia TroullinouQuantum enhancement of sub pT/√Hz optically pumped magnetometer
with squeezed light
Clare HigginsInvestigation of fine-structure changing collisional transfer in 87Rb
vapour in the hyperfine Paschen-Back regime
Dusan ArsenovicDoppler effect in the slow pulse propagation and distortion through
FWM medium
Florian ChristallerLight-induced atomic desorption and single-photon generation in thermalmicro-cellsPDF-file
Jaques HaeslerWafer-scale fabrication of MEMS atomic vapor cellsPDF-file
Jinwen WangVisualization of magnetic fields with cylindrical vector beams in an atomic vaporPDF-file
Julia Amoros-BinefaNoisy atomic magnetometry in the linear-Gaussian regimePDF-file
Michal ParniakHybrid entanglement between hot atoms and a cryogenic membrane
Nafia RahamanLaser-like spiking emission from continuous-wave excited alkali vaporsPDF-file
Sven BodenstedtFast-field-cycling, ultralow-field nuclear magnetic relaxation dispersionPDF-file
Valerio BiancalanaTuning-Dressing exploitation in magnetometric measurementsPDF-file
Victor LebedevOptically pumped magnetometers
for ultra-low field relaxometry of polarized nuclear spins
Gianvito LuciveroFemtotesla direct magnetic gradiometer using a single multipass cellPDF-file

Poster 2021, Tuesday Session:

Andrew DaffurnGouy phase-matched angular and radial mode conversion
in four-wave mixing
Elizabeth RobertsonA scheme for optical reservoir computers with atomic memoryPDF-file
Fraser LoguePolarimetry of thermal Rb vapour: Magnetic field gradients and
cascaded cells
Gianni BuserA broadband Rb vapor cell quantum memory for single photonsPDF-file
James CamparoNonlinear Collision Shifts of Alkali 0-0 Hyperfine Transitions Due to
Van der Waals Molecule Formation
Janik WoltersOptical information processing with hot atoms - From classical to
Laurence PruvostHot rubidium atoms for optical vortex conversionPDF-file
Matteo FadelMonitoring the nuclear spin in helium-3 by Faraday interactionPDF-file
Michal LipkaHow a broadband single-photon interacts with resonant atomic gas?PDF-file
Michele GozzelinoKr-N2: a low-shift buffer-gas mixture for Rb vapor-cell clocksPDF-file
Quentin GlorieuxAnalogue cosmological particle creation in a quantum fluid of lightPDF-file
Ran FinkelsteinSuper-extended nanofiber-guided field for coherent coupling to hot atomsPDF-file