NJP – Special Issue – 2021

Together with NJP we have planned a dedicated issue on hot vapors. There will be a special educational ‘how-to’ section, where we aim for enabling newcomers to the field to learn how everything is done in theory and in experiments. If you plan for a contribution, we’re happy to receive your suggestions in our personal email.

Here is a list of the planned tutorial articles:

Proposed titleContent keywordsParticipation?
Atomic properties for experiments on hot vapor cellsatomic theory, atom-light interaction, refractive index, why alkali atoms, He-3, angular momentum and transition dipole matrix elements, Steck in pedagogicalI like to participate
Experimental methods with atomic vaporsHistory, cell manufacturing, lasers and laser locks, absorption and fluorescence measurementsI like to participate
Experiments with electromagnetically induced transparencypulse propagation, linear response, …I like to participate
Non-linear optics4WM, self-focusing, non-linear Schroedinger equation, quadrature squeezingI like to participate
Rydberg experiments in hot vapor cellsRydberg-EITI like to participate
How to build an optical filter with a vapor cellFaraday Filter, FADOF, Voigt Filter, Atomic Line FilterI like to participate
Imaging with vapor cellsTHz Imaging, Magnetometry, Geology, DC/ AC & MagnetometryI like to participate
Atomic clocks made of hot vapor cellsCPTI like to participate
Magnetometers made of vapour cellsNMOR, Bell-BloomI like to participate
MW-sensing with hot vapor cellsRydbergI like to participate
Storing & Delaying light in atomic vapor cellsStorage & Retrieval, Slow light, QuantumI like to participate
Hybrid-ExperimentsQuantum light from molecules, QDs, SPDC, ions interfaced with vaporsI like to participate
IntegrationSmall cells, PCFs, waveguides, lithographical structures, MEMsI like to participate
More than one atom…density shifts, dipole-dipole, radiation trappingI like to participate